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Of sugarcane, Supergirl and me

So recently I decided to troll a supermarket cashier. You should have seen the girl’s face when I did what I did. OK, it wasn’t such a huge deal:

I walk into the supermarket with a miwa (cane) that’s about 14 inches long. I go straight to the maziwa lala section. Miwa because it’s healthier, juicier, and more exciting than cartel sugar. Not because my tribesmen sell it on wheelbarrows… Maziwa lala because it’s good for your gut.

So… I hand her the packet of milk and she scans it. Then here comes the bomb… Wait for it… I also hand in the piece of sugarcane. She almost grabbed it, her eyes fixed to the scanner. Then she saw what it was.

And that’s where the drama started.

She let out a faint sneer, the kind that a disappointed cat would when a cockroach instead of a bootylicious rat emerges from a rat hole.

She made eye contact that lasted about a hundredth of a second, and looked away, clearly not amused.

I laughed inside. She cursed inside.

The beauty of this incident is in the lesson: that it’s important to live in the present moment. I remembered how I’m always absorbed in my own thought processes, which is the case for most people, most of the time. Especially men.

It’s called autopilot mode. Stuff is happening right in front of your eyes, but you’re busy listening to the stories in your head.

It’s obvious that Supergirl was on autopilot.

Just like you may be scrolling through Facebook while holding a spoon in the other hand, absent-mindedly digging into the food while you watch a political debate on TV, all this while thinking about when you should wake up tomorrow.

Then the present is lost. Today is lost. And tomorrow is only in the imagination, while yesterday is only a memory.

Living in the present is a huge mystery.

Peace be upon thee.

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