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Welcome to my little corner of the… Wait, what, that intro’s been used too many times.

So all I’m revealing for now is that I’m a 20-something boy/man with all manner of aspirations  (business-y and leisure-ly). I want my full-time business to be my full-time leisure, which is why this blog is about exploring “the business of leisure.”

Like you and many other people, I have so many unanswered questions. This blog is an attempt to seek answers so I can spin up and feed you with all kinds of tales & conspiracy theories about this funny world we live in. Is it really a funny world? Idk for sure, you tell me.

When I’m not writing all manner of things or exploring life’s mysteries, I’m thinking about all manner of things, from how we can end world hunger to where do ants come from?

Otherwise? (Say it the Kenyan way)

I’ll appreciate your comments and messages!

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